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a new wave of living:


A new concept of life that defines natural luxury.  BudvaBlue redefines the concept of “natural luxury”. The forest behind you, the sea in front of you. You can eat, drink and watch the unique view of Budva at your apartment.

BudvaBlue is a place where you can enjoy the silence among the chirping of birds. A life full of sun and light. Another beautiful day, another beautiful night. A sweet breeze will accompany you while you enjoy the sun and water. Sunsets and night will give you romantic feelings.


Playground for Children

While you can spend time in Budvablue an area will be ready for your children where they can play and socialize.


Fitness Room

BudvaBlue fitness center is always ready for your workouts and training sessions.

Go hard, dream big, never give up!



A stylish reception welcomes you at the entrance of BudvaBlue. You can get information about Budva or get solutions about your stay in BudvaBlue.

Business Room

The business room is a quiet space where you can work or attend online meetings during your stay.


Car Park

BudvaBlue has open and closed parking areas for each flat and guests.

General Feautures

Exceptional Quality

24/7 Reception Service 

24 Hours Closed Circuit Survelliance
Camera System

Fitness Room

Playground for Children

Open/Cloesed Parking Spaces

Busines Room for your works and online meetings.

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